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August 2023 :

Students of X std. of Tomoae school payed a visit to “Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Memorial Science and Innovation Activity Centre” at Amravati to the Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission (RGSTC), Govt. of Maharashtra under the scheme “Science and Innovation Activity Centre.” 

Fun Science Hall 

Students took a course of exploration on a simple science experiments , handled the exhibits and tried out all the options. Students could see the fun side of learning while taking the pleasure of discovery in various fields of physical science. 

Outdoor Science Exhibits

 In open air, within the lush green lawn where children came close to the nature and could learn the  fundamental scientific concepts by playing with specially designed exhibits placed aesthetically in the natural surrounding.

 Innovation Hall 

Provided the facilities for the students to work on projects/ designing of experiments/ science and technological activities with their own innovative ideas. Promoted critical thinking and practical problem solving skills among students. Support innovative ideas and build them to come to realization. Facilitated local innovations in Sci &Tech. 

Scientist Gallery

 Got to know the scientists that changed the world by their contributions and discoveries. Also got to know about important inventions. 

Thematic Exhibition Hall

 This room  staged the  thematic exhibitions on Sci-Tech, Sustainable development, Environmental issues, Core civic values, National education, Local alerts, Health & hygiene, etc


Service is the ultimate belief!

To follow the same our school has organized a Dental Checkup Camp in the school for classes I & II.

A sparkling smile depicts a healthy heart.


A dental checkup camp was organized under the supervision of Dr. Monali Dhole Chairman, Rotary Club of Amravati

Ambika On 24 August 2023.

The camp aimed to check, regulate, and maintain the dental fitness of the students and spread awareness regarding dental health and hygiene. 

Obeying the motto “Prevention is better than cure” medical instructors suggested the students follow a schedule that keeps them fit orally.

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